Privacy Policy

At BTL The Label we value our customers (you) and understand your privacy is important. Please know your private and personal information is always dealt with carefully at all times. This is so you can feel safe and secure during your time shopping online


The following Privacy Policy has been prepared to provide you with transparency on how we will request, collect, store and handle your personal details.


As a website user and/or customer is is important to read this policy carefully before engaging with our service and making a purchase. Once you have placed an order, we will assume you have read, understood and consented to the use of your information in any and all of the ways outlined below, and in any way incidental to those uses in the ordinary course of our business at BTL The Label.




All personal information, excluding payment details, will be stored on our confidential database. Information will only ever be accessed when it becomes necessary to us in order to fulfil a business or customer service obligation to you such as delivery of an order or customer inquiry.

The only people with access to your information are authorised employees of BTL The Label. Information is treated as highly confidential by anyone who has access to it. We will never share your information with any third party, including for the purposes of marketing.

Any information no longer required, or which you have asked us to remove, will be permanently deleted or otherwise destroyed.



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